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Nail Polish though, real talk

It’s not that I don’t like nail polish/getting my nails done. But there are three reasons why I don’t do them.

1 I do not like nail salons. Some of the good ones are Vietnamese owned and do a great job. But with my broken Vietnamese I can catch some rough phrases (a lot of smack talking basically) and I get uncomfortable. Plus some places are expensive. How do girls get their nails done every week or so? And they fucking hurt when the fake nails come off when you’re not expecting it.

2 Chemicals. ACETONE is not a girls best friend. And the UV light is not skin friendly. And a lot of Nail Polishes creates (for me at least) this dry finger tip feeling. And it’s irratating. And I know what you’re going to say. “it doesn’t dry out your finger tips!” Well it does for me. I have only bought one brand that has never given me that effect and it’s a company called Mineral Fusion. So eat your heart out, I’m not crazy.

3 Working in restaurants or catering you cannot have nail polish. I don’t understand how some girls get away with it. We work with food. Not like we’re wearing gloves.

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