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Speak of….

Speak of Tsunami’s
Lightening Strikes
Body Counts
Level of Souls

Speak of battles won
battles lost
convergences of armour
Lost limbs
and broken “I’ll come back”
“I’ll wait for you”

Speak of the Heart
The Heartless
The Heartbroken
The Cold-Hearted
The Heart Attacks
The Hearty
Speak of Lovers
First kiss
“Do you love me?”

Speak of Politics
Truth and Denial
Scandals and Wire Taps
Constitutional Rights

Speak of Racial Freedom
Blacks African American
Whites Mutts
Asians Pacific Islander Middle Eastern
Native American
Mexicans Hispanic Latinos
Not as Ash, Cracker, FOB’s, Wetbacks, Nigg’s, Reds and so on

Speak of Life
The General Drug Life
The Reason We Breathe Life
The World That Our Eyes See Life
The Glory Of Life
The Advancing Of Life
The History Of Life
The Rights Of Life

High School Angst Poem.

Music Video

The music plays
There are many
The lyrics chosen
It just hits me

I play a scenerio
a music video I made up
playing in my head
A chance for my
expression to escape
for my shyness strays away
Imagination flows around me
Inspiration that shoves
past you making you realize
there are people just like you

What a wonderful feeling
That when the songs finishes
you put it on repeat
replay another scenerio
just connected to you

I’m not afraid to show it
I mouth the words
when I’m brave enough I sing it out
I can’t hold this feeling inside
I go crazy just standing
So I just dance to this beat
play my scenerio in my head
and just let my heart seep out

This is overflow

More poem requested by Tigernodred
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