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The Universe is playing a cruel game

My car didn’t pass smog the first time. Second time I was praying hard and it passed. Just before the state had to take my car. Seriously all month I’ve been worrying. Didn’t have money for all the OEM parts because both my dogs were sick =(
Still going to fix it. Need EGR valve =(

I was suppose to be a team educator for my department the first month of employment at work. But wasnt voted on to the team in time. The day I was voted in, was the day after the posting closed for team Educator. Now I signed up to be a Supervisor at work. Training wasn’t set up right. And at the end of the week I was notified that they didn’t want to interview. Even though I had 5 years grocery experience, it wasn’t 5 years grocery experience with this company. BUT then they chime up how they were going to give me the Team Educator position……the one they were suppose to give me. OH and to top it off they forgot to mention that I’m holding a class for customers about our product….a week before the day….great honor and all but I would have liked to prep two weeks in advance. Now after they didn’t hire any of the 5 people they interviewed they want me to go for supervisor again……

Just feel like I’m on a yoyo of emotion.

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